FL Technics Wheels & Brakes Solutions

The core of every touchdown

Flight Cycle Solutions

Flexible per-landing basis Aircraft Wheels and Brakes maintenance. Here’s what we offer:

  • Repair and overhaul services per CMM
  • Tailored availability management with VMI options
  • Provision and supply management of spares
  • Transparent end-to-end logistics

Wheels Maintenance

Complete wheel repair services to CMM requirements and optional Part 21J repairs and design

  • Minor & major wheel component repairs
  • Structural components inspection and repairs
  • NDT testing and certification of unique repairs
  • Material provisioning for fast TATs
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Brakes Services

Carbon and steel brake repairs, inspections, supply chain management, and maintenance

  • Minor and major component repairs
  • Structural components inspection and repairs
  • Provision of brake carbon heat sinks with all OEMs
  • Fast TAT material provision
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Wheels & Brakes maintenance location

Conveniently positioned in Hanover FL Technics Wheels & Brakes has a global reach and service portfolio, supported by groups’ global MRO network to provide fast and reliable services to our customers.

  • Base Maintenance
  • Line Maintenance
  • Wheels and Brakes Services

Part of a global group

Certified under EASA Part-145, FL Technics Wheels and Brakes provides tailored maintenance for aircraft wheels, brakes, and related components, including flexible service packages based on efficient flight cycle (FC) solutions.

FL Technics Wheels and Brakes team is focusing on quality maintenance and repair services by leveraging years of engineering experience, LEAN-based process management, and unique support from global independent MRO group of FL Technics.

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